NEH Grant EX-20049-01


The Waves

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9

Points: 23.0

# Words: 99,000


Questions: 20

Correct answer is marked *

1.                  The Waves is structured into

o       9 sections*

o       6 chapters

o       4 time periods

o       one unbroken sequence

2.                  The italicized portions describe

o       the passage of the sun*

o       the seasons

o       the thoughts of the characters

o       the historical period

3.                  The book is about

o       six main characters*

o       one main character

o       one generation of a family

o       three generations of a family

4.                  The book opens with

o       the rising of the sun*

o       the beginning of spring

o       the first snow of winter

o       a flood

5.                  In the first section, the main characters are

o       children*

o       babies

o       teenagers

o       young adults

6.                  In the garden, Bernard and Jinny

o       catch butterflies*

o       build a fort

o       exchange secrets

o       weed the flowers

7.                  The person self-conscious about the Australian accent is

o       Louis*

o       Susan

o       Bernard

o       Jinny

8.                  Dr Crane is

o       the Headmaster*

o       the family doctor

o       the mathematics instructor

o       a frequent dinner guest

9.                  At the beginning of summer, Susan

o       hates school and hates London*

o       hates school but loves London

o       loves school but hates London

o       loves school and loves London

10.              The two characters at university are

o       Bernard and Neville*

o       Bernard and Louis

o       Louis and Percival

o       Neville and Percival

11.              Neville dreams of becoming

o       a great poet*

o       a great painter

o       a great architect

o       a great statesman

12.              Bernard

o       marries and has a son*

o       marries but is childless

o       never marries but loves Rhoda

o       never marries and loves Percival

13.              Percival moves to India and

o       dies after a fall from a horse*

o       marries the governnorís daughter

o       achieves professional success

o       returns to London after a year

14.              Susan

o       marries and has a baby*

o       marries but is childless

o       never marries but has many lovers

o       never marries but remains faithful to Louis

15.              Rhoda

o       commits suicide*

o       marries Louis

o       takes many lovers

o       enters a nunnery

16.              Neville is in love with

o       Percival*

o       Jinny

o       Louis

o       Susan

17.              Louis becomes

o       a successful businessman and poet*

o       a teacher and poet

o       a failure in business and famous poet

o       a failure in all his efforts

18.              Jinny

o       has many lovers*

o       marries Louis

o       is celibate

o       does not marry but loves Bernard

19.              At the reunion at Hampton Court,

o       the six friends discuss their lives*

o       there is a bitter argument

o       only four of the friends are left

o       Louis and Jinny decide to marry

20.              At the end, Bernard resolves to

o       fling himself against the enemy, Death*

o       show greater appreciation for his family

o       spend more time with his old friends

o       write his memoirs

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