NEH Grant EX-20049-01

The Voyage Out

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9

Points: 32.0

#Words: 140,000


Questions: 20

Correct answers are marked *.

1.                  What is ďEuphrosyneĒ?

o       a ship*

o       a poem

o       a restaurant

o       an island

2.                  Helen Ambrose is Rachelís

o       aunt*

o       mother

o       sister

o       friend

3.                  The first stop on the voyage is

o       Portugal*

o       Spain

o       France

o       Germany

4.                  Rachel is surprised when Richard Dalloway

o       kisses her*

o       invites her to dinner

o       criticizes her

o       gives her a book

5.                  The island Santa Marina is near

o       South America*

o       Africa

o       Mexico

o       India

6.                  The time period of the novel is

o       the early 1900s*

o       the early 1800s

o       the early 1700s

o       the late 1900s

7.                  At the picnic on Monte Verde, Susan Warrington goes off alone with

o       Arthur*

o       Ridley

o       Terence

o       St. John

8.                  Susan and Arthurís engagement is celebrated with

o       a dance*

o       a dinner party

o       a fireworks display

o       a concert

9.                  Helen asks St. John to help educate

o       Rachel*

o       Terence

o       Susan

o       Evelyn

10.              Terence becomes engaged to

o       Rachel*

o       Helen

o       Susan

o       Evelyn

11.              Terence and Rachel declare their love for each other

o       in the jungle*

o       in the hotel garden

o       in the drawing room

o       at the dance

12.              The group travels into the jungle

o       by boat, up the river*

o       by car, on the main road

o       by plane, landing in a cleared field

o       by horse, on an old trail

13.              The two people who knock Rachel down in the jungle are

o       Helen and Terence*

o       Susan and Terence

o       Helen and St. John

o       Susan and Arthur

14.              While in the jungle, the group visits

o       a native village*

o       a temple

o       a medicine man

o       a game preserve

15.              Terence is

o       an aspiring writer*

o       a doctor

o       a lawyer

o       a merchant

16.              After the jungle trip, Rachel

o       gets sick*

o       visits her father

o       marries Terence

o       leaves for London

17.              Rachelís illness is

o       never diagnosed*

o       tuberculosis

o       pneumonia

o       influenza

18.              Terence reacts to Rachelís illness by

o       calling doctors and staying close by*

o       staying away from her as much as possible

o       leaving the island

o       falling in love with Susan

19.              Eventually, Rachel

o       dies*

o       gets well and marries Terence

o       gets well and leaves Terence

o       has a long stay in a hospital

20.              The Voyage Out is written

o       with the omniscient point of view*

o       from Rachelís point of view

o       from Helenís point of view

o       from Terenceís point of view

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