NEH Grant EX-20049-01


A Room of One’s Own

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9


# Words: 42,000

Non-Fiction (Essay)

Questions: 20

Correct answer is marked *

1.                  A woman should have a room of her own

o       to write fiction*

o       to avoid an abusive husband

o       to get enough rest

o       to express her personality

2.                  The other thing a woman needs is

o       money*

o       a loving husband

o       good nutrition

o       a good friend

3.                  Oxbridge is

o       a term combining Oxford and Cambridge*

o       a university

o       a museum

o       a library

4.                  Woolf was turned away from the library because

o       women needed special permission to enter*

o       she forgot her identification

o       she was not dressed appropriately

o       it was closed

5.                  The Married Woman’s Property Act

o       allowed women to own the money they earned*

o       established inheritance rights for women

o       established financial rights in a divorce

o       allowed women to sign contracts

6.                  At the British Museum, Woolf /Mary studies

o       women and poverty*

o       female poets

o       women’s suffrage

o       women’s legal rights

7.                  Woolf/Mary can be independent because

o       she inherited an annual income from her aunt*

o       she earns money from her writing

o       her husband is generous

o       she owns her house

8.                  Woolf/Mary speculates about Shakespeare’s

o       sister*

o       brother

o       daughter

o       son

9.                  Works signed “Anon” were probably often

o       written by a woman*

o       written by a scholar

o       written by a foreigner

o       anonymous

10.              Woolf thinks it could be relevant that Austen, the Brontes, & Eliot

o       did not have children*

o       lived in the 19th century

o       were English

o       were uneducated

11.              Charlotte Bronte’s anger over the oppression of women

o       interfered with her writing*

o       improved her writing

o       was a good subject for novels

o       assured her place in history

12.              The phrase “Chloe liked Olivia”

o       is a turning point in fiction*

o       is a quotation from Shakespeare

o       is the title of a Greek poem

o       is a weak opening line

13.              Woolf thinks the female mind should be

o       androgynous*

o       feminine

o       masculine

o       non-sexual

14.              “Shakespeare’s sister” is named

o       Judith*

o       Mary

o       Rachel

o       Chloe

15.              To write a work of genius is difficult because

o       All answers are true*

o       there are too many interruptions

o       the world is indifferent

o       the world will not pay for them

16.              In regard to critics, artists

o       care too much what is said*

o       are grateful for the instruction

o       are indifferent to other’s opinions

o       should study critics’ opinions

17.              The reason we know so little about Shakespeare is

o       he did not write from a personal agenda*

o       his autobiography has been lost

o       his plays were written by someone else

o       biographies were not written in those days

18.              Woolf likes Jane Austen’s writing because

o       she wrote without hate & bitterness*

o       she wrote about women’s issues

o       she was politically active

o       she wrote about real life

19.              For women writers, the lack of a female literary tradition

o       was a major hindrance*

o       was unimportant

o       freed them to find their own voice

o       stimulated their writing

20.       Shakespeare’s sister

o       is a symbolic figure*

o       wrote, but her work has been lost

o       never wrote anything

o       wrote poetry

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