NEH Grant EX-20049-01


Orlando, a Biography

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9

Points: 19 pts

# Words: 85,000


Questions: 20

Correct answer is marked *

1.                  The story of Orlando begins in the

o       16th century*

o       17th century

o       18th century

o       19th century

2.                  Orlando rushes to his meeting with

o       Queen Elizabeth*

o       Queen Mary

o       King Henry

o       King George

3.                  Orlando lives in

o       a huge house*

o       a cottage

o       a city apartment

o       a stable

4.                  Orlando first falls in love with the Russian princess,

o       Sasha*

o       Mariska

o       Katerina

o       Sofia

5.                  Orlando spends much time writing

o       “The Oak Tree”*

o       “The Euphrosyne”

o       “The Spirit of the Age”

o       “The Tranquil Muse”

6.                  Orlando becomes ambassador to

o       Constantinople*

o       Peking

o       Athens

o       Paris

7.                  Orlando’s trances last

o       seven days*

o       one day

o       one hour

o       a year

8.                  While ambassador, Orlando has married

o       Pepita*

o       Angelica

o       Tamora

o       Josefina

9.                  While living among the Turks, Orlando

o       becomes a woman*

o       becomes king of the Turks

o       is imprisoned

o       writes a book

10.              After Orlando has lived with the gypsies for a while, they

o       plan to kill her*

o       want her to marry Rinaldo

o       ask her to leave

o       discover she is rich

11.              While on the ship “Enamoured Lady,” Orlando

o       begins to understand what it means to be female*

o       cannot stand to think about the change

o       decides she would rather be male

o       wishes she had stayed with the gypsies

12.              On returning to English, Orlando’s land may be taken away because

o       all answers are true*

o       Orlando is officially dead

o       Orlando is female, and cannot inherit

o       Orlando has sired three sons who are claiming the property

13.              Archduke Harry had formerly

o       disguised himself as a woman*

o       brought a lawsuit against Orlando

o       wished to enter the priesthood

o       been in love with Sasha

14.              Orlando gets rid of Harry by

o       cheating at “Fly Loo”*

o       throwing him out bodily

o       calling for a constable

o       telling him she doesn’t love him

15.              When the prostitute Nell discovers Orlando is a woman,

o       she is pleased and invites friends over*

o       she is disgusted and throws her out

o       she is angry and calls the police

o       she is sad because she felt attracted

16.              When the 19th Century begins,

o       the climate becomes damp and dark*

o       the climate becomes bright and sunny

o       a terrible earthquake causes havoc

o       constant winter snow causes spring floods

17.       When the lawsuits claiming Orlando’s land are settled,

o       Orlando regains her land*

o       Orlando’s sons take the land

o       The estate is sold for taxes

o       Orlando’s cousin inherits the land

18.       Orlando marries

o       Marmadude Shelmerdine*

o       Archduke Harry

o       Samuel Johnson

o       Robert Browning

19.       “The Oak Tree”

o       is published and wins a prize*

o       is published but is a failure

o       is never finished

o       is torn up and thrown in the fire

20.       At the beginning of the 20th century,

o       Shelmerdine returns in a plane*

o       Shelmerdine returns by train

o       Shelmerdine returns by car

o       Shelmerdine is never seen again

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