NEH Grant EX-20049-01


Night and Day

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9

Points: 53.0

# Words: 230,000


Questions: 20

Correct answers are marked *

1.                  Katharine Hilbery lives

o       with her parents*

o       in her own apartment

o       with her friend Mary

o       in a convent

2.                  Ralph Denham is

o       a lawyer*

o       a student

o       a doctor

o       a professor

3.                  Katharine’s grandfather is a famous

o       poet*

o       historian

o       statesman

o       explorer

4.                  Ralph’s family is

o       large and somewhat poor*

o       small and financially secure

o       aristocratic and famous

o       no longer living

5.                  Katharine’s real intellectual passion is for

o       mathematics*

o       poetry

o       art

o       botany

6.                  Mary Datchett works

o       for women’s suffrage*

o       for children’s rights

o       for environmental causes

o       for abortion rights

7.                  William Rodney dreams of

o       becoming a respected writer*

o       being elected to Parliament

o       owning his own business

o       becoming a doctor

8.                  William and Katharine

o       become engaged*

o       hate each other

o       discover they are cousins

o       collaborate on writing a play

9.                  Mary

o       is in love with Ralph*

o       is in love with William

o       is in love with Cyril

o       is in love with Henry

10.              Katharine’s mother

o       writes about her father*

o       is a famous artist

o       writes about Shakespeare

o       is an opera singer

11.              Ralph goes to Disham because

o       he wants to be near Katharine*

o       he wants to be near Mary

o       he wants to escape his family

o       he has quit his job

12.              In Disham, Ralph

o       stays at Mary’s house*

o       stays with the Otways

o       stays in a hotel

o       camps out

13.              Mary tells Ralph she can’t marry him because

o       she knows he loves Katharine*

o       she doesn’t love him

o       she wants to go to America

o       she thinks he is too immature

14.              Katharine invites Cassandra to London because

o       she wants William and Cassandra to marry*

o       Cassandra is having problems at home

o       she wants to introduce her to Ralph

o       Katharine’s mother insisted on it

15.              William is enthralled with Cassandra because

o       she appreciates his writing*

o       she is very beautiful

o       she is mysterious

o       she is fragile and needs him

16.              William and Cassandra

o       decide to get married*

o       decide to live together

o       end their relationship

o       cannot decide how they feel

17.              Katharine and Ralph

o       realize they love each other*

o       realize they don’t love each other

o       cannot decide how they feel

o       end their relationship

18.              Katharine’s mother

o       always thought Katharine and Ralph were falling in love*

o       wanted her to marry William

o       thinks one should marry for money

o       wants Katharine to have a career

19.              Katharine’s father reacts to the changing engagements by

o       sending for his wife to come home*

o       congratulating everyone

o       telling Katharine to leave the house

o       leaving for the countryside

20.              When Katharine and Ralph go to tell Mary of their engagement,

o       they change their minds and leave*

o       Mary will not let them in

o       Mary forgives them

o       Mary cries inconsolably

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