NEH Grant EX-20049-01


To the Lighthouse

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9


# Words: 75,000


Questions: 20

Correct answer is marked *

1.                  Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay have

o       8 children*

o       2 children

o       4 children

o       no children

2.                  James wants to go to

o       the lighthouse*

o       the beach

o       the carnival

o       the town

3.                  “Women can’t paint, women can’t write” is asserted by

o       Charles Tansley*

o       Mr. Ramsay

o       William Bankes

o       Lily Briscoe

4.                  Paul is upset because Minta has lost

o       her brooch*

o       her watch

o       her engagement ring

o       her keys

5.                  Lily Briscoe is

o       a painter*

o       a sculptress

o       a singer

o       a poet

6.                  The “wedge shaped core of darkness” represents

o       Mrs. Ramsay*

o       the lighthouse

o       Mr. Ramsay

o       the future

7.                  The main course at dinner is

o       boeuf en daube*

o       chicken kiev

o       crown roast of pork

o       quiche lorraine

8.                  August Carmichael

o       takes opium*

o       takes aspirin

o       drinks beer

o       drinks whiskey

9.                  In his pursuit of truth, Mr. Ramsay cannot get to

o       the letter “R”*

o       the letter “Q”

o       the letter “S”

o       the letter “T”

10.              On the wall in James and Cam’s room is nailed

o       a pig’s skull*

o       a shell

o       a crucifix

o       a painting of the lighthouse

11.              In the second part of the book, Andrew Ramsay

o       is killed in World War I*

o       becomes a teacher on the island

o       becomes a lawyer in London

o       dies of yellow fever

12.              In the second part of the book, Mrs. Ramsay

o       has died*

o       convinces Mr. Ramsay to take James to the lighthouse

o       is ill and can no longer manage the house

o       leaves Mr. Ramsay

13.              Minta

o       becomes unhappily married to Paul*

o       becomes happily married to Paul

o       marries William instead of Paul

o       does not marry

14.              Lily

o       does not marry*

o       becomes happily married to William

o       becomes unhappily married to William

o       marries Paul instead of William

15.              Mr. Ramsay goes to the lighthouse with

o       Cam, James, Mr. Macalister, and his son*

o       Cam and James

o       James and Mr. Macalister

o       James, Mr. Macalister, and his son

16.              Cam softens toward her father when

o       he asks what she will name her puppy*

o       he tells her he loves her

o       he invites her to go to the lighthouse

o       he talks about their mother

17.              Mr. Ramsay’s keeps repeating the line

o       “We perished, each alone”*

o       “Roll on, thou dark and deep blue ocean”

o       “I wandered lonely as a cloud”

o       “The heart sings the song of the sea”

18.              At the end, Augustus Carmichael has

o       become a famous poet*

o       died of a heroin overdose

o       died in World War I

o       become a gentleman farmer

19.              As they approach the lighthouse, James

o       steers the boat*

o       manages the sails

o       gets seasick

o       catches a fish

20.              To finish her painting, Lily

o       draws a line down the center*

o       signs her name

o       paints a purple triangle in the corner

o       draws a circle at the edge

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