NEH Grant EX-20049-01


Jacob’s Room

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9

Points: 16.0

# Words: 70,000


Questions: 20

Correct answer is marked *

1.                  Jacob’s early life is spent in

o       Cornwall*

o       Sussex

o       Wessex

o       London

2.                  From the beach, Jacob brings home

o       a sheep’s jawbone*

o       a jellyfish

o       a conch shell

o       driftwood

3.                  When offered any object as a gift from Reverend Floyd’s study, Jacob chooses

o       a book of poems by Byron*

o       bookends in the shape of a dolphin

o       a letter opener with a crest

o       a glass paper weight

4.                  Jacob goes to college at

o       Cambridge*

o       Oxford

o       University of London

o       University of Edinburgh

5.                  Jacob’s college friend is named

o       Timothy*

o       Nigel

o       Gordon

o       Harry

6.                  After college, Jacob moves to

o       London*

o       Leeds

o       Scarborough

o       Paris

7.                  On Guy Fawkes night, Jacob

o       meets Florinda*

o       stays home

o       is arrested

o       has an accident

8.                  Florinda is

o       attractive but dumb*

o       attractive and brilliant

o       too old for Jacob

o       very conservative

9.                  Jacob is

o       a lawyer*

o       a government worker

o       a doctor

o       a salesman

10.              Fanny Elmer

o       falls in love with Jacob*

o       dislikes Jacob intensely

o       is a co-worker in Jacob’s office

o       is married to Nick Branham

11.              Fanny Elmer reads the book

o       “Tom Jones”*

o       “Great Expectations”

o       “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”

o       the Bible

12.              Jacob plans a trip to

o       Greece*

o       Spain

o       Portugal

o       Sweden

13.              Betty Flanders is Jacob’s

o       mother*

o       sister

o       grandmother

o       cousin

14.              Mrs. Flanders has lost

o       the garnet brooch Jacob gave her*

o       her wedding ring

o       a packet of letters

o       her purse

15.              Mrs. Flanders thinks Jacob’s letters

o       don’t really tell her how he is*

o       tell things that are too personal

o       are very entertaining

o       are literate enough to be published

16.              Sandra Wentworth Williams lends Jacob

o       a book by Chekhov*

o       a jacket

o       a pen and paper

o       her car

17.              Jacob

o       falls in love with Sandra Williams*

o       thinks Mrs. William is too old

o       disapproves of Mrs. Williams

o       is bored by Mrs. Williams

18.              Jacob goes with Sandra Williams to

o       the Acropolis*

o       the Parthenon

o       a museum

o       the theatre

19.              Jacob becomes a soldier in

o       World War I*

o       World War II

o       the Spanish-American War

o       the Bosnian Civil War

20.              In the war, Jacob

o       dies*

o       is a hero

o       is injured

o       is frightened and deserts

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