NEH Grant EX-20049-01


Mrs. Dalloway

Accelerated Reader Quiz

Book Level: 12.9

Points: 16.0

# Words: 70,000


Questions: 20

Correct answer is marked *

1.                  Mrs. Dalloway goes shopping because

o       she is giving a party*

o       she needs a new dress

o       it is the cook’s night off

o       she needs to buy a wedding gift

2.                  Hugh Whitbread is

o       an old friend of Clarissa’s*

o       Clarissa’s doctor

o       Clarissa’s lawyer

o       Clarissa’s cousin

3.                  Bourton is

o       a country house*

o       the Dalloways’ London house

o       a suburb of London

o       a town in southern England

4.                  Clarissa is worried about her daughter’s relationship to

o       Miss Kilman*

o       her father

o       Peter Walsh

o       Lady Bruton

5.                  Rezia is worried about her husband because

o       he has threatened to kill himself*

o       he has tuberculosis

o       he can’t get a job

o       he wants to leave her

6.                  A stopped car attracts attention because

o       royalty may be inside*

o       there has been an accident

o       it is causing a traffic jam

o       the police are making an arrest

7.                  An airplane attracts attention because

o       it is skywriting*

o       it is having engine problems

o       it is a German plane

o       it is unusually loud

8.                  When Clarissa gets home, Richard is not there because

o       he has gone to lunch with Lady Bruton*

o       he is at work

o       he has gone to the country

o       he is at the hospital

9.                  Cymbeline is

o       a poem by Shakespeare*

o       a play by Moliere

o       a variety of flower

o       a gem stone worn by Clarissa

10.              Peter Walsh once asked Clarissa

o       to marry him*

o       to lend him money

o       to find him a job

o       to ask Richard for help

11.              Sally Seton is

o       a childhood friend*

o       Peter’s wife

o       Elizabeth’s school mate

o       the Dalloway’s maid

12.              Sir William Bradshaw describes Septimus’ condition as

o       “not having a sense of proportion”*

o       “shell-shock”

o       “schizophrenia”

o       “post-traumatic stress disorder”

13.              When Evans died, Septimus

o       felt nothing*

o       couldn’t stop crying

o       went to counseling

o       ran away from his unit

14.              Septimus married Rezia because

o       he could not feel*

o       she was pregnant

o       she was a nurse

o       they had been engaged for years

15.              Septimus thinks the birds in the park are

o       singing in Greek*

o       attacking him

o       sick, and must be avoided

o       changing color

16.              For Septimus, Sir William Bradshaw prescribes

o       a rest cure*

o       laudanum

o       psychotherapy

o       shock therapy

17.              Septimus

o       jumps to his death*

o       goes to a hospital

o       goes to a rest home

o       returns to Europe

18.              When she hears about Septimus, Clarissa

o       thinks he did the right thing*

o       breaks down in tears

o       is angry at Dr. Bradshaw

o       writes a letter to his family

19.              At the party, Peter

o       realizes he adores Clarissa*

o       realizes he dislikes Clarissa

o       falls in love with Sally

o       is ignored, & leaves in disgust

20.              Clarissa’s party

o       is a success*

o       is a total failure

o       is all right, except that the Prime Minister doesn’t come

o       is an embarrassment, because Peter and Sally argue

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